Our Story


Between April and May we start our activities with a Cultural and Sensibilization Brigade for Violence Prevention at the barrio of San Martín with the colaboration of Circo Volador.

Between August and November we organize different activities to give continuity to this effort with the support of Fundación Cadavieco and Editorial Serpentina, a cultural day of activities.

Imaginalco joins Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco (FCM) as a project.


Circo Volador dedicates three months with sociologists of the Universidad Autónoma de México to elaborate a participative Socio-Economic Diagnostic with young people from Malinalco, so Imaginalco can discern which problems we face.

Imaginalco negotiates with the religious authorities of barrio de San Martín, for the use of an abandoned warehouse that will be used as a community center for children, young and adults, right beside the local church.

In March, the works of rehabilitation of the space begins, putting in windows, electricity, skylights and furnishing the space for the different activities. This space is known today as Xolotlán. The Operational Team gets conformed.


Imaginalco implements an ID Card with which the children and youngsters can accumulate points and gain certain gifts and prizes for the activities they participate in. It permits us to identify assistance and generate a sense of belonging.

Our Alebrijes, Rap and Futbol workshops gain strength among the young.

A group of young people of San Martín participate in the Festival Cultural Malinalco, creating a giant alebrije and the welcoming door to the artisans corner.

We begin informing our donors and friends about our work and achievements through our bimonthly Newsletter.

An aliance is established with Fundación Casa Nueva, I.A.P., to train our operative team, municipal police, workers of the local DIF and other members of the community in the model they follow for Prevention and Reduction of Addictions in Malinalco.

One young man, voluntarily goes to a Rehab Center of Fundación Casa Nueva, in Jalapa, Veracruz, to receive treatment for his addictions.

Imaginalco opens a new space, known as Xolocasa for activities that require more peace and quiet.

In association with the Municipal Authorities, Imaginalco organizes the “1st Forum Towards the Construction of Community Safety” to generate a shared responsibility and promote conjunct actions that benefit all involved.

Imaginalco promotes different activities (the Forum, Sports, and Social Events) where the local police and community interact.


Imaginalco participates at the Ecodiálogos where a group of youngsters of the Municipality had the chance to share experiences with youngsters from Mexico City. It is this experience, many of the youngsters who participated, expressed to Imaginalco their desire to continue their studies. It is this which gives us the icentivation to start the XoloEscuela (XoloSchool).

Xolotlán’s youngsters participate at the 2nd Festival Cultural de Malinalco, with an exhibition of several alebrijes and a Rap concert.

Fundación Casa Nueva and Imaginalco implement Worshop for Training on Prevention of Addictions for the Community Web of Malinalco. 17 local police men and women, teachers, psichologists and DIF workers attended for 4 months.

Imaginalco participates in a workshop for Strategic Planning, through a program created and offered by Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco, A.C. and Fundación Merced. This workshop permits us to organize and professionalize our work and provide more transparency and seriousness to our work.

We begin an aliance with Universidad Iberoamericana where several students come to Imaginalco to do their Social Services. Design and implementarion of the Observatorio Ciudadano de Seguridad de Malinalco (Citizen Observatory for Safety in Malinalco) which observes and follows certain cases that have to do with the safety situation and justice administration of the community.

In August the “2nd Forum Towards the Construction of Community Safety” and the Observatorio Ciudadano de Seguridad de Malinalco (Citizen Observatory for Safety in Malinalco) is inaugurated.

The construction of a recording studio for the Rap workshop is finished and the XoloBicis (XoloBikes) program begins, thanks to a generous donation of several bicycles.

The last trimester of this year, the project “La Cima de tu Vida” (The Peak of your Life), takes place. A group of 40 young men and women from the Municipality of Malinalco start trainning and work hard to climb 3 of the highest mountains in Mexico. It was a transforming experience.


Imaginalco opens up to a zone known as “6 Calles” (6 streets). The first trimester the effort is to continue the activities they were having already, finding an adecuate space and addapting it to the Imaginalco model.