Our History

We have been working for six years to create future talent, born from the imagination

In 2013, we began to be worried by an increase in crime and violence in Malinalco. It was then that a number of residents of the town began to get together in a process of reflection and diagnosis. We realised that inequality and a lack of social cohesion were a problem in the community. We realised that the worst affected population were the young people of San Martín, the poorest community in the municipality. So we, a group of neighbours concerned by the problem, formed the Imaginalco committee, which gave rise to what is today a comprehensive model for children and youth development in the municipality.

Our tireless efforts for the construction of a fairer, more united, peaceful Malinalco full of opportunity for all has meant we have had to evolve over the years. We have decided to focus mainly on promoting the comprehensive development of the children and young people with whom we work.

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