Our alliances

Child sexual abuse (ASI) is a complex problem to solve because there are multidisciplinary factors in its perpetuation and maintenance: power relations, gender inequalities, heteropatriarchal system, complex family dynamics, various types of violence, lack of access to justice, untrained justice systems, revictimization, lack of access to comprehensive sexual education, lack of information, among many others. For this reason, although there are more and more efforts and information to combat this problem, it is necessary to add capacities, experiences and possibilities from different places. We invite you to join the effort to offer tools to children and adolescents as well as protective figures to prevent ASI, break the dynamics of silence around the issue and above all, in cases of ASI, know how, to whom and where go for help. 

How to join?

make a donation

  • Support us with material or in-kind donations for the creation of more murals and dissemination material in the community. 

train yourself

  • Participate in one of our workshops, or share information about our training possibilities with schools or organizations.

sponsor a project

  • Install a Mural
  • Sponsors the systematization of the Network of Voceras
  • Sponsors the investigation of egocentric networks

If you live in Malinalco

  • Disseminate posters and digital materials of the campaign in their spaces and social networks
  • Lend us one of your fences to create a mural
  • Get in touch with us to see how we join forces
  • Channel possible cases to Imaginalco and help us spread the attention area
  • Get trained in one of our workshops
  • Join the Voceras Network
Thank you for making this program possible!