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Callejon de la Manzana s/n Campos de San Martin Malinalco, Mexico 52440 Mexico
Phone (55) 1633-2979


Where they are located?

We have three community spaces in Malinalco.

Six Streets Cultural Space:

Rosa Blanca, La Soledad, 52440 Malinalco, Mex.


Porfirio Diaz 110, San Martin, 52440 Malinalco, Mex.

Recreational Center for Education and Learning, CREA:

Calle Margaritas 10, San Guillermo, 52440 Malinalco, Mex.

You can also visit our sustainable projects:

Six Garritas:

C. Patzcuaro Lake, San Pedro, 52440 Malinalco, Mex.


Violeta s/n, San Guillermo, 52440 Malinalco, Mex.

How can I donate?

What do you do with my donation?

There are two types of donation: tagged and untagged.


The labeled donations are destined to cover the costs of a specific project, such as material, workshops, and the salaries of the educators.

not labeled

Those not labeled, we use to cover the general costs of our operation, such as the maintenance of spaces, administration costs, and the salaries of people who do not directly serve our participants, but who with their work make this possible.

What population do they serve?

  • The participants are girls, boys, adolescents and young people from 7 to 24 years old in a situation of social exclusion in Malinalco, State of Mexico. 

What kind of activities do they do?

  • We design and implement programs aimed at children and young people, which help them develop psychosocial skills, access their rights to education, recreation, information, well-being and full development. We do this through sports, leisure and training activities, psychological support, access to education and work with families to develop positive parenting environments. Our activities are always renewed, as they respond to the interests of the population. Some of the activities that you can find in Imaginalco are:
  • girls club: Space for coexistence and reflection between girls and women in which we address issues related to sexuality, self-care, relationships and gender, to promote the right to health and a life free of violence.
  • Eco-Explorers: Through adventures in nature, such as cycling, hiking and camping, we promote the development of psychosocial skills, positive leadership and critical reflection on the environment in children and adolescents.
  • studs: Training school in which, through football, we ensure the development of psychosocial skills, healthy habits, and other protective factors against violence and addictions.
  • game afternoons: It is a recreational space for boys and girls of primary age. Through recreational activities such as excursions, drawing, cooking classes and various games, we seek to develop different life skills that allow them to establish relationships of good treatment in conditions of gender equality, as well as boost their abilities in making healthy decisions. for life.
  • Xoloschool: We contribute to guaranteeing access to quality education for children and young people through a school support scheme, psychosocial support and pedagogical advice, which helps improve academic performance and reduce school dropout among the population at greatest risk. .
  • homework club: We attend to the educational need that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, of boys and girls of primary school age. It is a space where we support them in the elaboration of their tasks, we answer doubts, we explain topics and we seek that learning be shared. In addition, we add exercises and dynamics for the development of life skills and the strengthening of cognitive skills in girls and boys with the aim of reducing lag and promoting school retention.
  • Tour to Mictlan: Collective creation process that is celebrated annually in Malinalco, led by Imaginalco, around the Day of the Dead festivities. In it, the children and young people with whom we work throughout the year become leaders and protagonists of a collaboration between more than 15 local groups and organizations, and more than 900 people, to organize a parade and an interdisciplinary show in the that a story is told or a message is transmitted according to the objectives of the organization.

What are your hours of operation?

  • Our spaces are generally open from Monday to Saturday. Our schedules change in each period, depending on the activities. Contact us through our social networks if you have questions about the current activities.


What is a laboratory of imagination and social action?

  • A community space where we creatively and participatively imagine, design and test solutions that promote the psychosocial development of girls, boys, adolescents and young people in situations of social exclusion. It is a laboratory because we are constantly experimenting, adjusting our projects and programs to the interests and needs of the population with whom we work.