We promote the labor inclusion of young people and the creation of a circular economy. We work in partnership with artists, companies and institutions interested in generating a positive impact, and we implement a technical and human training model to train actors of social change in the community. We recycle plastic, we transform it into works of art, and create innovative solutions for organizations. In this way we fight the climate crisis, generate jobs and resources to finance our programs.

Our work

Recycling and environment

We collect plastic materials (polypropylene and polyethylene), select them and work with them to give them a new use. Through collection campaigns, we involve the community and reduce the environmental footprint of the waste we treat.

Labor inclusion

We employ young people from the community with few job opportunities. We provide training that helps them develop different life skills and discover new talents.

Art products and services

We partner with artists to intervene in our material and give it added value through art and design, as well as with people or companies that want to buy these works and integrate a recycling scheme for their own plastic production to represent their social responsibility and environmental. We serve collectors, architects, designers and interior designers, we develop corporate murals and produce decorative objects.

Volunteers and workshops

We create solutions that help enhance the social and environmental responsibility of companies. We offer rewarding and meaningful experiences for teams that consist of visits to our workshop or art and recycling activities. We provide workshops that help develop attitudes and values of respect towards the environment.

Six Garritas

we receive and sell clothing, accessories, furniture and household items in good condition, to sell in our bazaar. The resources generated give employment for young women who seek to finance their studies or single mothers with financial needs, in addition to helping us continue operating the rest of our projects.



Contrary to fast fashion and the consumer habits of our society that generate pollution and waste, we are inspired by concepts such as slow fashion and second hand that we put into practice by selling items that deserve a second life.


Through our venture we generate employment for women in the community who, in addition to selecting and selling items, are also trained in skills such as commerce or fashion intervention and reuse.


By giving a second life to goods and generating profits we not only strengthen our enterprise but also the organization of which we are part, also promoting responsible savings and consumption practices among users.