We promote the labor inclusion of young people and the creation of a circular economy. We work in alliance with artists, companies and institutions interested in generating a positive impact, and we implement a model of technical and human training to train actors of social change in the community. We recycle plastic, transform it into works of art, and create innovative solutions for organizations.

“Being part of Xoloplastics has helped me to be more aware of pollution in the streets and rivers, and now every time I see a discarded plastic I collect it and save it to take it to the workshop… I am very proud to be part of Xoloplastics because I I feel part of a change in the community.”

Christopher Hernandez, 21

Just as ants collect what others leave aside, we collect disused plastic.

This is how Seis Garritas works, our bazaar in which we receive and sell second-hand clothing and accessories, to sell them at affordable prices in the community, employ young women, and generate resources to finance our operation. 

“I learned many things, both in sewing and in how to relate to people. I was a very shy person who hardly spoke much... In my personal life, in many aspects at Imaginalco they made me open my eyes, I was able to think about many things. I am very grateful to the organization.”

Rosa Mancio, 24 years old

Thank you for helping us make this program possible!