💚 Like the seeds we sow and they bear fruit... This has been the history of imaginalco in these 11 years. Throughout this time we have taken root in the community through our work with and for girls, boys, adolescents and young people.

This year we decided to dedicate the Annual Report to the youths, with whom we have grown hand in hand and who are currently an important part of our reason for being, of our network of participants and of our team.

Learn about a year's worth of achievements, challenges and experiences of great significance. Among the highlights, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we gave continuity to each program, we evaluated our work and strategies; We promote alliances and fundraising actions, we operate our ventures, we expand our communication channels and we receive the support of donors, Councils and volunteers.


At Imaginalco we value accountability, clarity and access to information. Every year we publish our annual activity report and we are always willing to share public information from our records. In turn, we protect the private data to which we are given access. 

Learn more about our development year after year through the activity reports.