game for development

We generate safe coexistence spaces and training activities through art, sports and games, in which girls, boys, adolescents and young people can propose, promote and take part in activities that respond to their interests, and from there work on the objectives of change. 

Through these activities, and following a shared methodology, we promote the development of psychosocial skills, so that they can establish positive relationships and make healthy decisions, and grow as people capable of asserting their rights in their community.



We get together to play and train soccer with boys, girls and adolescents, with the intention of creating a safe space, where people have fun, feel comfortable and supported when learning, when making mistakes, and when discovering the personal and team challenges that sport poses. 

game afternoons

It is a recreational space for boys and girls of primary age. We do games, outings, get togethers and other fun activities, in which they practice their psychosocial skills, have positive experiences and learn new ways of relating to themselves and others.

Hiker Patrol - Eco-explorers

Through adventures in nature, such as cycling, hiking and camping, we promote the development of psychosocial skills, positive leadership and critical reflection on the environment in children and adolescents.

girls club

Space for coexistence and reflection between girls and women in which we address issues related to sexuality, self-care, relationships and gender, to promote the right to health and a life free of violence.

Theory of change - Play and psychosocial development​

Formal education

We provide pedagogical accompaniment, school support and reinforcement activities, so that the participants develop their skills and motivation towards learning, and thus find meaning in continuing their studies and learning what they need to live a fulfilling life. 

We work with a model of "young people who train other young people", in which young people from the community are trained and work as educators, and are at the same time pedagogical advisors, and positive references for the girls, boys and adolescents who participate in the program. The program has two projects, aimed at people of different ages. 


READ: I read, write and learn

It is a safe, motivating and fun learning space in which children with certain educational gaps explore new ways of learning to read, write and discover knowledge. 


We ensure the necessary resources so that middle and high school adolescents can continue with their studies, whether it be school support, a suitable place to study, or a team of educators that facilitates learning and organization strategies. 

Theory of Change - Formal Education

healthy families

We know that the most important links for people are built in the family, and the way in which we relate to ourselves and to others is learned. To generate sustainable changes in communities, it is necessary to work not only with individuals, but also with families, understanding them as a system. For this reason, in this program we carry out in-depth work with the families of our participants, through a home-based therapeutic intervention methodology, workshops and training, orientation sessions, and different tools that help us promote family environments that enhance the development of all its members. 


Workshop for families

Space for reflection on positive parenting practices, setting limits and rules, communication and dialogue.

home-based intervention

Therapeutic support model for families, at home, in which we work together to strengthen parenting skills and strengthen positive parenting environments

Theory of Change - Healthy Families


We work on the training and development of young people as actors of social change, capable of integrating in a healthy and constructive way in their community, it is a priority for Imaginalco. For this reason, from the skills approach, we generate opportunities and contribute to developing tools and skills that allow these young people to contribute to their environment and generate income. 

In this program, we promote access to decent employment for young people and their participation as actors of positive social change in their community, through the development of their skills, their sense of agency, and the design of a life project.

Stages of the process


Participants explore different interests through workshops and experiences, and strengthen their psychosocial skills. 


Participants reflect on their exploration, and define the ROUTE they want to follow. They strengthen tools for labor insertion. 



Participants put what they have learned into practice through a positive impact project in their community.


The participants get involved in some educational or work process as the first step to activate their ROUTE. 

Theory of Change - ROUTE


In the essence of Imaginalco is working to ensure the right of children and adolescents to live a life free of violence and protected from all types of violence. 

Based on the detected need, we have generated a comprehensive model to strengthen the community's capacities to prevent, detect, and attend to child sexual abuse. From a community and systemic approach, and based on the investigation of good practices and the participation of local actors, we created this program and its different components, which are currently being replicated in other contexts and by other organizations. 



Through workshops and training, we increase knowledge, skills and competencies in children and adolescents, as well as in protective figures, to prevent risks of sexual abuse and respond adequately to cases. 


Through our communication campaign "ASI no jugar", we creatively create and disseminate sensitive and relevant messages to make the issue visible at the local level and add allies in the prevention of sexual abuse. 


We provide information and therapeutic support to victims of child sexual abuse. We channel people to the areas or institutions that are required according to the cases.


Theory of change - We don't play like that

Tour to Mictlan

Girls, boys, adolescents and young people become leaders and protagonists of an annual community celebration, around the Day of the Dead, in which we strengthen the ties that unite us as a community. 

Every year, we organize ourselves to create an artistic show that runs through the streets of the city, based on our history and traditions and creating moments of encounter and interaction between different sectors of the community. Children and young people are at the center of this process, in which they strengthen their artistic and psychosocial abilities. 


Project stages

prior preparation

Training of a group of young people in: artistic training, youth leadership, sense of agency, psychosocial development and work with children and adolescents. These young people will be the ones who lead the community workshops.

collective creation

Carrying out workshops on movement, music, costumes, makeup, puppets and rhythm with adolescents, girls and boys, for the creation of an artistic offering.

Realization of the community celebration

Community celebration created and led by the CAY that participated in the process. 


  1. parade
  2. interdisciplinary offering
  3. audiovisual piece




Reflection and collection of learning

Harvest of results, organization of the audiovisual record and narrative of the experience, in order to share results, reflect on what has been lived, collect what has been learned and strengthen the sense of agency of the young participants.