Help girls, boys, adolescents and young people establish good relationships, reinforce their sense of agency and choose healthy lifestyles through the development of psychosocial skills, a sense of belonging and positive youth leadership.


92% of our constant participants for at least one year, reach a medium or high level of psychosocial skills. 


Promote the right to quality and equitable education to expand the life alternatives of girls, boys, adolescents and young people, through the development of basic literacy and arithmetic skills, the improvement in learning capacity, and the increase in schooling level. 


  • 90% of the participants remain in the program, remain enrolled and attend school regularly throughout the school year. 
  • 80% of the participants increase their general average of academic achievement.


Contribute to the construction of positive parenting family environments, by strengthening parenting skills and knowledge about the causes, risks and protective factors against consumption and violence.


91% of the mothers who participate in our workshops reflect an increase in their parenting skills.


Promote the participation of young people as actors of positive social change in their community, by developing their agency capacity and leadership skills. 


13 young people have been part of the training program at Imaginalco, in which they have developed their agency capacity and their position as positive leaders in the community. Today many of them are part of our operational team.


Promote access to decent work for young people by developing skills for employability and self-employment. 


5 young graduates from the first generation of Xoloplastics, of which 3 today have a job.


Promote the right of girls and boys to a life free of violence through the development of skills and tools for the prevention and detection of child sexual abuse, and attention to its effects.


100% of the children and adolescents who participate in the workshops increase their knowledge and skills to promote the prevention and detection of child sexual abuse.


Promote the protection and development rights of girls, boys, adolescents and young people through the generation of knowledge and strategic alliances. 


  • Learn about the investigations we have generated, through allying ourselves and collaborating with other actors!  (see Research)
  • A participatory diagnosis with girls, boys, adolescents and young people and other community actors for the design of safe and inclusive recreational spaces in their community. (see diagnosis)
  • A participatory design of a communication campaign on the subject of child sexual abuse with the participation of more than 90 people in 14 focus groups. (see campaign)
  • A forum for the exchange of knowledge and construction of proposals in the area of prevention and attention to the use of inhalable substances with the participation of more than 30 actors related to the problem. (see research)