We exist so that girls, boys, adolescents and young people in situations of social exclusion can choose a life they value, free of violence and in the full exercise of their rights.

We broaden their tools, strengthen their skills and favor their access to opportunities for development, through personalized support that responds to their needs and interests and that allows us to work with their families and their community.

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We take advantage of all learning to transform it into a tool for social change. We generate, systematize and share relevant information that arises from practice or that is required to strengthen action, articulation and incidence projects.

Articulation and incidence

We provide training, advice and support to related projects, on issues related to the comprehensive development of children and youth, and the social prevention of violence. We direct efforts to influence public policies and decisions that have a direct impact on the comprehensive development of children and young people.


We contribute to the CAY of Malinalco being able to choose and live a life they value, by promoting their rights to protection against violence, promotion of development and participation.


+ than 800 girls and boys have participated
+ than 200 mothers and fathers trained
Programs operating successfully
Years of history and satisfactions



Let's reap fruits

We believe that childhood and youth in Mexico are seeds with enormous potential. However, the environment around them can hinder their growth. 

Therefore, in imaginalco we want to nurture them with love, education and opportunities. Be part of this harvest and let's make our world a fairer and more inclusive place for all people.

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