If the leaves that fall from a tree are food for ants, why not recycle the clothes that others do not use, to generate value at Imaginalco?

This is how Seis Garritas works, our bazaar in which we receive and sell second-hand clothing and accessories, to sell them at affordable prices in the community, employ young women, and generate resources to finance our operation. 

This year, we started the collaboration with VOPERO, a newcomer to Mexico that promotes the sale of re-circulated garments through a digital platform. This ensures the arrival of more garments, since they make regular deliveries of clothing, as well as the possibility of accessing another market to sell our products. Find our closet at vopero.mx!



young women from Malinalco generated income through their work at Seis Garritas.

one thousand

pesos of clothing and accessories were sold during 2021, which contributes to the sustainability of our programs.


garments and articles had a second life thanks to Seis Garritas

Interesting data

  • More than 30% of the sales of Seis Garritas is used to finance other Imaginalco programs.

  • November was the most productive month of the year for Seis Garritas, with sales above 13 thousand pesos.

"I learned many things, both in sewing and in how to relate to people. I was a very shy person who hardly spoke much... In my personal life, in many aspects at Imaginalco they made me open my eyes, I was able to think about many things. I am very grateful to the organization."

Rosa Mancio, 24 years old

Thank you for helping us make this program possible!