Theory of change Formal Education

If we provide pedagogical accompaniment, school support, adequate spaces for study, extracurricular training activities, and we promote the involvement of families in the education of their children, then we will strengthen the cognitive abilities of the CAY and their academic performance. New Text

If we increase the ability to acquire significant learning and the level of schooling, we strengthen the ability of CAY to generate and seek opportunities to transform their lives or environments, and insert themselves favorably into the community.

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Help girls, boys, adolescents and young people in situations of exclusion in Malinalco develop their abilities to choose and live a life that they value in terms of their education, health, work and connection with their community.

Boys and girls gain access to spaces, equipment and advice for formal education

If we strengthen the cognitive skills and academic performance of CAY, then we increase their motivation and confidence towards learning, their ability to acquire significant learning and their levels of schooling.